Prague 8 - dynamic area

Apartments – Praha-Karlín a Praha-Libeň

Prague 8 is large very diverse. It starts with the very dynamic Karlin, continues through Palmovka and reaches to a quiet part of Troja. While Karlin and Palmovka are mainly for people who want to be able to get downtown easily, Troja is suitable for poeple who want peace and greenery.

Six years ago, the most interesting construction and development activities were in Karlin. The past two years has seen the start of greater development in Palmovka, which has great potential, offering more greenery and attractive property prices. The rest of Prague 8 has a peaceful and stable development.

One of the main advantages of Prague 8 is its excellent transport links, including excellent connections to the city center and the ring road. It also offers great leisure areas both on the river and in parks. 20 years ago Karlin and Palmovka are neighborhoods were not attractive areas to invest in property. However, much has changed and these are now some of the most dynamic districts in Prague. They are very interesting for young people looking for a city life. The prices are very reasonable given their proximity to the city. But Troy is ideal for those who want countryside and also good transport links.It is best known for the zoo but there is also a cycle route, a large number of forests and the river, which has always provided a scenic backdrop making properties more attractive.