Prague 7 - green oasis in sight to Prague

Apartments – Praha-Holešovice, Praha-Bubeneč

Prague 7 is north of the historic city center, mainly within the large meander of the river Vltava, but also partly on the east bank. It is an extension of the city center and includes dense residential areas, urban industrial and business zones, and large parks and natural areas (Letná, Stromovka andTroja, with its zoo, botanical garden and nature reserves). The red metro line C connects to the center, along with trams.

Stromovka is the oldest park in Prague and ideal for both local residents and tourists to relax, as it is located relatively close to the city center.It's a beautiful place to walk, sit on a bench or picnic on the grass and also popular with dog walkers, skaters and cyclists. Right in the park and in its vicinity are some very interesting tourist attractions.

Prague Zoological Garden in Troja, opened on September 28, 1931. It is a modern zoo that shows animals in conditions to match there natural environment.