Prague 5 - living with a view to vltava

Apartments– Praha-Smíchov, Nový Újezd, Hlubočepy a Malá Strana

Prague 5 is one of the greatest tourist circuits and is located south of the historic city center (including part of Malá Strana) and the west bank of the Vltava.

Smíchov is a district that has undergone rapid development in recent decades and offers a rich network of services, a wide range of architecturally interesting buildings and great shopping opportunities in the recently renovated shopping center Nový Smíchov. Prague 5 is also home to various educational centers and schools. For example, elementary and nursery schools U Santošky, Radlická, Drtinova and Nepomucká, and grammar schools Christian Doppler, Zatlance, Kavalírka, Oto Pavel, Jaroslav Heyrovsky and Preslova.

Prokopské Valley is one of Prague's most recognised natural habitats. Situated close to Prague's large residential areas, it is easily accessible by public transport and also popular with cyclists. Several marked hiking trails and two nature trails run through the valley.