Prague 1 - Housing with tradition

Apartments – Praha-Staré Město, Josefov, Hradčany, Malá Strana, Nové Město

Prague 1 is one of the most attractive areas of Prague. Nowhere else will you find so many historical monuments and places where you can breathe the history and romance of times gone by. Rarely will you find so many places to stop and rest in beautifully kept gardens and parks.

As well as crowded tourist destinations, Prague 1 also has its share of narrow streets with cracked facades, peaceful even today and perhaps better displaying the charm of old Prague.

It is located in the center of Prague on both banks of the river Vltava and includes most of the medieval city center. Most of Prague 1 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All the major tourist destinations are in Prague 1, including Prague Castle, The Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and the Jewish quarter Josefov.

Malá Strana (the historical 'Lesser Town of Prague') contains the Parliament and Czech government buildings, while the main building of Charles University can be found in the Old Town. Properties there are among the most expensive in the city, with the most prestigious addresses.

More precisely, Prague 1 includes:

  • Old Town
  • Josefov
  • Hradčany
  • Malá Strana (north of Vítězné street)
  • Nové Město (north of Jiráskův bridge and Myslíkova, Lazarská, Žitná streets)
  • Including the Chapel of Saint Mary Magdalene north of the Vltava but south of the Vltava between Čechův bridge and Tešnov.