• Select and obtain a mortgage optimized to client needs (bank selection, amortization schedule, adjustment period and possibly other services).
  • We represent the interests of the client, not the bank.
  • While arranging a mortgage we provide a complete service in one place (processing of applications, selection of appropriate insurance, insurance damage waiver, submission of documents to the land registry). The client usually goes to a bank only once to sign the mortgage agreement.
  • We work with all banks that provide mortgages in the Czech Republic.
  • In most cases, we get a lower interest rate than a client can obtain directly from a bank as we have a better bargaining position.
  • When choosing insurance we offer clients the option that best meets their situation and needs. We deal with all insurance companies.
  • Sustained customer care. We do our best to ensure favourable terms and conditions in future adjustment periods.

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You may not know...

  1. Rental income can be offset against the income of the applicant in assessing the creditworthiness of the client (the amount varies depending on the bank)
  2. Parental allowance, subsistence allowance are acceptable income (varies by bank)
  3. A mortgage can also finance the purchase of a cooperative flat.
  4. The mortgaged property does not need to be the same as the property purchased using the mortgage.
  5. The owner of the mortgaged property may not be the borrower (e.g. parents can use their property to guarantee the debts of their children).
  6. It is possible to obtain a mortgage to purchase a property with the intention of renting it out. Some banks allow future rental income can be taken into account when assessing the creditworthiness of the client
  7. It is possible for a mortgage loan to be used to finance property improvements and fitting (depending on the bank)