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Why Boutique?

We wanted something different - somewhere you will feel comfortable dealing with us like 'at home'. That's why we went for a boutique approach, where we aim to have quality sales people, not a huge quantity. We love our small small team. We all think alike and we would like to keep you happy and achieve great results.

In addition to classic real estate brokering, we also specialize in exclusive sales channels

Having access to an exclusive sales channel is attractive everywhere, but also here in the Czech Republic due to the practise of supplying exclusive goods and services 'under-the-counter' during the communist era. Consequently many buyers find an exclusive investment opportunity instinctively appealing, and in this case for good reason as our sales channels are targeted.

So in case you want to sell an interesting property, don't make it another 'bun on the market'. Rather give the property a chance to be sold to the right buyer at the best price.

We will take extra care with your property. If necessary, we will prepare the property for homestaging and professionally taken photographs, assess its true value and prepare for presentation to potential buyers. All this we can offer at no extra cost. We accept that the the loss of time and resources is ours in the event that the property does not sell.

Why US?

We have an extensive database of investors and developers, and cooperate with many successful real estate agents from all over Prague ...

We are masters at controlling social networks ...

We have formed several groups for non-public sale ...

Tell us about your property using the form below. We will first try to sell it privately and only if that fails, you can offer it publicly, through an estate agency or otherwise, ....